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SolidWorks acquires CircuitWorks

SolidWorks has acquired Priware Limited, developers of the CircuitWorks software. This is great news, for it means CircuitWorks will now be included as part of SolidWorks Office Premium. For those of you unfamiliar with this, CircuitWorks enables ECAD importing and exporting, which is one thing I’ve always considered a weakness of SolidWorks when compared to Pro/Engineer. ECAD files are incredibly useful not just for high density designs such as cell phones, but with any pcb design and some clients actually require ECAD files as a deliverable in any project. Read more at Desktop Engineering.

Hello world!

Hello, and welcome to the new website for Gawlowski Design! This site is designed to take advantage of a media-rich internet, while not requiring much overhead to update so it doesn’t detract from our core focus.