The problem: your company has an idea for a hot new product, but little manpower to implement it. Your engineers are currently busy on other projects, or constantly getting pulled aside to address issues with existing products.

The solution: Gawlowski Design can take your product idea and help you rush it to market. For a typical project, we’ll start with initial packaging concepts, then work with electrical engineers to flush out the details of the pcb design, like board area, connector definition and placement, and allowable component heights. While the electrical engineers do their layout, we’ll be working on the mechanical packaging and enclosure design, delving into structural, thermal, and tolerance analyses where necessary, rapidly coming up with a manufacturable, innovative solution to your design problem. After a final design review, we’ll release it to prototyping and work closely with your chosen vendors to ensure a quality, on time prototype build and ultimately, production.


  • Mechanical Engineering and Design using state of the art 3D cad software (Solidworks or Pro/Engineer)
  • Photo-realistic model rendering
  • Onsite or Offsite design consulting
  • Injection molded part design
  • Cast metal part design
  • Sheetmetal part design
  • Large assembly management
  • .


  • Structural analysis
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Thermal design for electronics packaging
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  • Vendor management, onshore or offshore
  • PDMWorks implementation