Gawlowski Design is a Colorado-based product design firm specializing in creative solutions delivered on time and on budget. The founder, Matt Gawlowski, has over a decade of experience in working both solo and with teams to drive development from concept through to production. In addition to “big company” work, we’ve worked for startups, in startups, and was also the co-founder of a computer peripherals manufacturer. This breadth of real-world experience, combined with our design experience, has helped prepare us for the fast-paced projects typical of smaller companies, while making us also aware of the strict documentation and design standards requirements of many larger companies.

We provide mechanical design, engineering, and analysis services, primarily using SolidWorks CAD software (Pro/Engineer can be used instead if desired). We also dabble in Venture Design lately, providing all the product design services a startup needs under financial terms that are beneficial to all.

The niche we’re developing is Remote Product Development. Communication tools have evolved to the point where mechanical design work can be done remotely; by using tools like voice over IP (such as Skype), videoconferencing (Skype or iChat), and WebEx, design collaboration can quickly and efficiently be accomplished without requiring frequent face to face meetings which are generally less efficient. From a personal point of view, Remote Product Development allows us to live in geographic locations that provide the optimal environment for creative thinking, which usually have the added benefit of having a lower cost of living – and this cost savings can be passed on to you, the client.

We strive for designs that are optimized, fulfill a purpose, and are elegant in their execution. We’d love to discuss any product design needs you may have!

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